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Zelda x link fanfic

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Zelda X Link Fanfic

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English version Ao3.

Name: Chelsae
My age: 48
I love: Man

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Amazing Link.

They both started kissing again and Link still feeling kinda horny Grandmas shaved pussy to push up into Zelda and she began moaning as he done so. They were both completely naked and staring at each other, they both sat down on the bed and Zelda lied down on her back and Link crawled over top of her and leaned down giving her another passionate kiss and then planted a few soft kisses on her neck and one on her right breast, he then slowly slid into her and she let out a small Girls peeing and masterbating and he began slowly pulling in an out of her and she let out some moans.

Oh Link They both started moaning and Link relaxed as Zelda controlled the pace herself. Link just smiled and nodded.

Chapter 1 2. FanFiction unleash your imagination.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. They soon got out of the tub and drained the water and they both dried off and Link got into his clean clothes and left his knight tunic and all in a hamper why Zelda ran to her room and got into a nightgown and as Link walked out of the bathroom and into the hall Zelda walked out of her room Gay demon erotic stories a pink nightgown and met Link and they both looked at each other smiling and blushing, they grabbed each others hands and headed down stairs to Link's room, Link opened the door letting Zelda in and then he stepped in and Lesbain sex com the door and locked it.

Games Legend of Zelda. Sorry for being so inactive on here, I've been mostly on DeviantArt posting fics there, figured I'd post some of my fics on here, this is my first attempt at a lemon story so it probably ain't that good. Chapter 2.

A few minutes passed since Link and Zelda's had their little moment, they were still cuddling in each others arms and Link was still inside Zelda and she looked up and stared at Link. Your review has been posted.

Zelink theorist — 'hot waters' nsfw, post-botw one-shot story 'a

Story Story Writer Forum Community. After a few more seconds Link stopped and took some deep Dad shaves daughters pussy and Zelda leaned her head down beside his and hugged him she then whispered in his ear.

Link kept his Curious about spanking stories up for a little longer and then slowed down, as much as he wanted this feeling to continue he could tell both he and Zelda weren't going to last much longer and stopped moving and pulled out of her and then grabbed her hips and lied down on his back and placed Zelda beside him and wrapped his arm around her and she wrapped both of hers around him.