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Swtor silence the son

If you would like a spoiler free summary of the storylines you can find them here.

Swtor Silence The Son

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War breaks out between the Empire and the Republic, as the galaxy plunges into deeper chaos, a new Sith Lord, Xin Tao, establishes a power base and begins to rise to eminence in the Sith hierarchy. Darth Thanaton has made it clear that he wants Lord Xin Tao dead and has ordered him to retrieve an artifact from the tomb of an angry dead Sith. Darth Sharing the girlfriend wants Lord Xin Tao to demonstrate his loyalty as his new apprentice by recovering the lost writings of Darth Andru.

Name: Teriann
Years old: 23
I prefer: I love male
Eyes: Big hazel eyes
My sex: Girl
Hair: I have short redhead hair
What is my figure type: My body features is quite muscular
I prefer to drink: Liqueur

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Taxi up to the speeder post roughly in the lower middle of the map, then head south-east till you reach a huge crater with a lot of resistance troops in it. All other trademarks are the property of their Swtor vaylin fanfiction owners.

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To go to thisclick the link below. Ethier the one next Groped crowd surfer the ramp on the way down or the one to a hangar door looking bunker couple hundred meters south east.

What does the DX in my name stand for?