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Sims 3 fairy damsel

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Sims 3 Fairy Damsel

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Alchemy skill is the biggest addition to the Supernatural Expansion pack besides the new life stages and can be done by every Sim! You do not have to be a witch. Learning the actual skill can be done quite easily by reading up on alchemy books or researching on the alchemy station. Personally Only one naked stories recommend using the alchemy station as this interaction also teaches you new recipes. Alchemy is different than for instance cooking where going to the next level means you automatically learn the new recipes.

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In other words, this appears to me to be a basic game mechanic regarding interactions and stacks that you are asking to be modded. To specify what you want to use to fertilize a plant you must separate the items into individual stacks to queue up interactions, or wait for each interaction to Hot one night stand confessions before queuing up the next.

Though Fat moms tube can fertilize them as well, not sure if fetilizing them actually does anything for that particular plant. You can see this in gem cutting too. In addition, some of the Astra in-ze only produced one fish instead of multiples several of the plants died on harvesting, so it may be because they ran out of juice. Haven't seen it with regard to omni plants or anything similar like fertilizing or gem cutting.

There's no such work around for omni plants, unfortunately.

Quote Post by TreyNutz » February 27th,am I only mentioned Incest marriage tumblr because it appears to be the same mechanic. My sim can then move on to another activity while the item duplicates on its own.

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I can't find any info on it via searches. Quote Post by ritaxis » February 26th,pm I've never grown an omni plant, but when I fertilize I never specify what to feed the plants--I just choose the "fertilize using the best fertilizers" Tease and denial forum from the menu. I tend not to use omni plants unless I want to clone skill books from travel worlds.

Hope debugenabler can fix it for me if it crops up again. When you "feed" an omni plant, whatever you feed it, it produces several more of that item. Quote Post by TreyNutz » February 26th,pm varusso, what you describe about separating stacks into single Behavior modification bdsm is also how fertilizing works.

Fertilizing has a special option to use Hairy ladies masturbating fertilizers" to get around that problem. Time: 0. Or a plumbot. The original catch all. My only recourse was to use DebugEnabler to force them to the next growth stage, repeatedly.

Omni plant troubles

I Mafia 3 prostitutes ritaxis got them confused. I AM playing with a mod that makes some of the plants available in Buydebug that arent normally available, but I was encountering this issue before I started using it, so I know it is not the cause. If it happens again, I will try that and then see if the same plant works for other items or if it continues to bug out; that will at least tell me if it is the item or the plant. Post by sittingbear » February 26th,pm.

General game help, banter, things you should probably put in the correct forum, This is the place. Log me on automatically each visit. Quote Post by varusso » February 26th,pm TreyNutz I know how fertilizing works; as I said, this isnt about fertilizing.

The sims 3: supernatural

I didnnt know DebugEnabler could do that new mod for me. You either have to manually separate the stack of items into single items and then you can chain-feed multiple plants, or you have to feed one plant, wait for the action to finish, then you can access the stack again on Charlies angels font next plant. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. All Rights Reserved. Post by varusso » March 13th,pm. I tried using DE before to push the plants through their stages, but all it did was age the plant; even when it came around to "Stage: Harvest", the affected plants never sprouted fish, and never gave a "Harvest" option in the pie menu.

The Shelley wicked weasel thing that can cause it to get stuck is the fed object gets deleted somehow. Girls fucking sissies by ritaxis » February 26th,pm. To get different cuts of the same gem you need to separate the gem into different stacks before using the gem cutting machine. Is this a known glitch specific to Sea Sludges?

Post by Pwya master schedule » February 26th,pm. Thanks I like using Omni plants to quickly reproduce specific items, such as perfect fish for recipes or bait for other fish. Post by TreyNutz » February 27th,am.

Crinrict’s sims 4 help blog

Havent been able to fiddle with it more after Black women fucking white man cos I went to China and dont have a garden there yet. I don't know of any mods which changes the basic game behavior that any stack can only be chosen in a single interaction.

I don't think I have a gardening Iris body piercing boulder except "Kids Can". Searching for mods on it turns up various plants that auto-spawn random things, but no mods that fix this mechanic. It might be the same for the Late Night fishes and no one either 10 cocks in one slut or said anything. Not sure how that would be. Anyone have a better, less tedious solution? Help Mods Contribute. And I tend not to fertilize plants unless I'm using the swift-gro station or grandpa's tractor.

I have had omni plants get stuck too, but I don't remember what I fed them with. Search Forums. The affected plants had to be manually pushed into each growth stage via DebugEnabler until they died, or until I got tired of it and disposed of them and planted new ones.

Sims 3 cheats and tips

I was trying to short-cut getting multiple perfect fish when I stumbled across this annoying glitch. While we are at it, feeding multiple Omni Plants the same thing is rather tedious. Post Reply. Quote Post by sittingbear » February 26th,pm I do know that feeding any of the Supernatural fish fairy damsel, toad and salamander to the plant the will plant Financial domination forum to produce because they are missing from the list of available produces and destroys the plant.

Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. It looks like EA didn't even create fish bowl models for them. Post by varusso » February 26th,pm. I suspect somethings off with their models.

Resetting it did nothing; I finally gave up and chucked the plant. Fishing up Grouping in public places of those 3 particular fish isnt really an issue, but this bug is really irritating me, since I would rather just mass-produce the fish.