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My husband wants to wear my underwear

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My Husband Wants To Wear My Underwear

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Search Search. Menu Sections. I have known for a long time that my husband has a panties fetish, but he has never been open to me about it. Now that all our children have left home, he has Crossdressing audio stories dropping hints about including it in our sex life.

Name: Brenda
How old am I: 19
Orientation: Gentleman
What is the color of my hair: Redhead
My body features: My body features is strong
My tattoo: None

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Not Lacey or frilly or anything just plain underwear. At first i was a bit Doug stanhope herpes about it but i got used to it as its part of who he is. Wednesday, 31 August - Post Anonymously. We now use it in our sex life for a added bit of excitement.

What are the social constructs regarding wearing underwear?

I am struggling with the whole idea. It's just underwear it means just that.

If you google it they actually have men's style women's underwear if that makes sense! Thursday, 1 September - Tuesday, 6 September - Monday, 12 September - We did purchase a men's pair from a lingerie shop and yes it added excitement.

What are the usual demographics of men who wear panties? (gender, civil status, etc.)

The older he gets the more uncomfortable he is finding men's. He saw me wearing them.

He was definitely straight and not a cross dresser, not gay, Amusement park voyeur etc. My husband has just said he wants to "try" women's underwear. Is this normal. Wouldn't worry me in the slightest, my best friend wears women's underwear and he loves them!

Share a secret: i discovered my husband secretly loves to wear my underwear!

But then I wouldnt care if my partner Lesbian rape roleplay to rock a long skirt around home because they're so seriously comfortable! I have an ex who was into panty hose and stockings. Does anyone else's partners wear them. We have spent so much money on trying different styles.

If I could trade all the gross things he does for him wearing women's undies I'd do it in a heartbeat? My partner wears women's underwear Crossdressing with my sister its a sexual thing for him - it turns him on.

Dear mary: now that we are empty nesters, my husband wants to wear women’s panties during sex

My advice - don't go there. My husband does way weirder and more fucking disgusting things than this. Asked why, was ok with it.

Who cares what they wear I love my partner for him not his clothes?? He wants to wear Peter gets milked. This wouldn't worry me at all, but I think I'm in the minority.

I'd find it a bit weird Gay ftm tumblr, but hey. Since wearing the women's he said his bits are much more comfortable. Should I be ok with it.

My husband wears panties (and that’s perfectly fine)

Sara evans ass knickers are the most comfy panties I've ever come across. No harm in letting him try them. I wouldn't be now, my ex husband said he liked wearing woman's underwear before we got married. Its not harming either one of us.

I've worn my partners underwear before when I couldn't find clean ones. Like cotton or microfibre type ones. He's a smart man!

It's a bit strange but it wouldn't be something I would dwell on. Jump to .