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Fuck billy billys dead

Billy Pilgrim went to Dresden after his morphine night.

Fuck Billy Billys Dead

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Stu : Did you really call the police? Sidney Prescott : You bet your sorry ass I did. Pull ups stories : [starting to cry] My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me! For instance, one: you can never have sex.

Name: Perrine
What is my age: 35
I prefer: I like guy
Body piercings: None

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You gain zero business, because it would be packed anyway.

Hope they're out of business by the end of the year. Quite certain That's just idiotic.

**** billy, billys dead!!!

Way to isolate yourself from your normal customer base. Of all the lousy ways to make a buck. Don't need that in Blacksburg. Mr McGibblets.

More Options. Disgraceful Do the bouncers at big al's still throw drunk guys down the stairs?

You sure some buckeyes aren't responsible? CZY rip that shit down and burn it.

Bloody road tales 2 dead & wild p1

That place has always sucked Weak effort on their part. Start New Topic. Strange they would hang a up crooked and Sex girl strip their name with it.

It blowed to begin with, definitely will never go there again. Even if they are supporting an alumni group.

Chapter 6 notes from slaughterhouse-five

Was up last night as well, so I assume the owners put it up. Doesn't Big Als still allow smoking as well?

Place must be really struggling. Quite certain.

That sucks, I used to like that place. Same here, The drunken donk Can't think of a single hometown place that would do something like this in another big name college town.

And you lose business going forward. That's just idiotic.

Not a good look. Hate that freaking place.

That's honestly incredibly weak. Walked right by that place. .

Fuck that place!