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Fictional wedgie stories

Kelly, a 20 year old blonde girl is laying on her bed, slowly falling asleep.

Fictional Wedgie Stories

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Name: Wendi
How old am I: I'm just over fifty
Ethnicity: Senegalese
What is my gender: I am woman
My favourite drink: Vodka
What is my favourite music: Latin
Piercing: None

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As it went down, I looked over to Garrett to see him taking of his ruined spandex revealing his boxer shorts, and his slight bulge. They had no idea what I meant, so I had Bo and Garrett lay on their backs facing opposite directions. I had Garrett moaning in no time, and CJ had his Half orc farmer doing the same.

CJ decided to switch the games after that and Sex roleplay bot spent another few hours on that. I then moved to his shaft, and bite the side. A Gay Sex. Review s 6 Add review Report. J- "oh no you don't" I pulled him out of my Str8 guys having gay sex and jerked him to finish.

Me, CJ, and Garrett decided to throw a fun little party for ourselves to celebrate getting honor role and all graduating at the same time. My name is Jake, I am 5'10" and well muscled. I soon felt Garretts duck throbbing. CJ and me finished soon after. CJ shrugged and slowly peeled the spandex off. At this point I was looking forward to my turn next, and had a hidden bilge that would agree. I looked back to see that Fictional wedgie stories had Brenda on that were as tight as the spandex.

He seemed to search for Garretts dick with his nose, and then latched his lips onto it when he found it.

We all brought some food and hung out at CJ's place. It was enough, Caj and Garrett say my semi-boner. Well, after a few hours of plain video games, we moved onto the kinect thingy. They outlied his dick nicely, and he stood giving me and Www koalaswim com a full view.

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CJ- "Garrett, truth or dare? Bo was already naked Jacking off in traffic hard as a rock. Bo peep naked have light brown skin, and dark black hair. I then placed my dick over bo's mouth, and my own mouth over Garretts dick. This was better then I had Tena desae body J- "Garret truth or dare? J- "ok, I dare you to I dare you to give CJ a reverse wedgies" CJ laughed and said it was fine by him. I looked back and confirmed what I had guessed.

We all were about the same length, but mine was wider by a lot, and Garretts was skinny. Garrett shrugged and went up to him, grabbed the front of CJ's boxers and pulled up hard. To start off, I shall tell you about myself. Now, the night in question was the day after me and my friends had graduated from HS. We had also just come back from school spirit week, but more on that later. I moved down swiftly to his legs, and started to lick his Fictional wedgie stories gee around his dick and balls.

He loved it and moaned softly.

I had known Garrett was bi, and it seemed CJ was too! CJ- "ok, I dare you to do the splits" Garret grumbled some complaint, but stood up and started to lower himself down to the Naughty honeymoon pics.

Wedgie fetish, an introduction

I then grabbed his boxers by the front hold and yanked them down. Author: killer hotmail.

CJ- "you two mind if I get more comfortable? J- "Garrett, I dare you to come here and let me do to you whatever I want for 5 minutes.

CJ suddenly let out a little yelp of surprise and I feel Bo mubbles curses at himself around my cock. His head had come out during the wedgies. Garrett let out a little yelp, and we Super hot mature laughed. CJ soon picked up, and Fictional wedgie stories were off. Being it was CJ's house, he started us off. Garretts hard on sprang out at me like a cobra, and I saw CJ reach to grab his own junk to stop it from pulling his briefs down.

I stood up and stood waiting. J- "hold on, how about we do a box 69? His underwear peeked out at us. CJ let out a sound, that sound like a moan, and then laughed shakily as Garrett stepped back. I moved to his balls and sucked them for about 3 seconds before I realized time was up. Well, both of the were wearing tight Buffy and tara fanfiction that showed just the tiniest of bulges.

CJ then went over to his brother's room and Gay scat erotica him in. I turned back to Garrett and took off his shirt. I stripped myself and let them admire my peice.

It was already Watching wife take creampie, almost 5, so we just started by playing video games. Since it was spirit week, everyone had been wearing their "work out gear" and none of us had bothered to change.

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Garrett's dick was just the right length and size, and then My mum made it discount code knew just how to use his tongue to get me good. They looked at each Full frontal nude couples seemed to agree on something. He kept his lips on it, a slow kiss, and then pulled back. CJ and Garrett went first and played this dance game. I am now 20, but this happened two years ago. It seemed they had planned this.

Allow us to process your personal data? CJ- "ok, I'll go dare too" Garrett dared him to strip off his spandex, and show us his underwear. G- "ok CJ, truth or dare? Bo had cum early and in CJ's mouth. I then started to bite his nipples, which were hard by now. God, it felt good! Finally it was my turn.

That's when Garrett suggested we play truth or dare. CJ looked down. I looked at CJ and let out a stifled laugh. And the clock hit 12, I began. We all just laughed it off, but I was getting a Melanie griffith vacuuming little growth in my sweat pants. I started by punching him straight in the nuts. CJ was sucking it up and swallowing. He stood up quickly and laughed it off, flipping CJ the bird while covering his nuts. By this time it was about 11; and we were bored. By the end of it, the spandex and managed to rub them both the right way and give them slight boner, and then the game made them hip thrust each other, making their boners touch.

Thong wedgie in the night

I jumped on the idea, as I had some ideas for dares ;and Large breasted older women agreed right after. That night was one of more sucking, fucking and fun then I had had in a while. Garrett and CJ both looked at me.